Moving House


When moving house there is many things to think about, it can be a stressful time for some. The last thing you need is for your goods to arrive at the final destination with considerable amounts of damage.

With our professional and expert advice, we can help you to obtain the correct Insurance for your requirements. We can provide cover for your items from the minute they leave you to the minute they arrive at your new home and if required on request we can also include any storage in between.

What’s more, without marine cargo insurance you may be liable for the damage or loss of other people’s goods thanks to General Average. The law of general average is a legal principle of maritime law in which all parties in a sea venture proportionally share losses resulting from voluntary sacrifice to save the ship’s entire cargo in an emergency situation. This means that if such a situation were to arise on the shipping vessel, customers whose cargo survives the voyage would be required to compensate anyone whose cargo was abandoned to protect the cargo vessel.

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The Insurance Broker Ltd is a specialist Insurance broker with over 21 years of experience over a wide range of Insurance covers. We pride ourselves in the high level of service we provide and we always do our best to ensure that your requirements are met.

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We offer a wide range of Insurance products

At The Insurance Broker we specialise in Freight and Transport related Insurance, but we can also provide a wider range of other products that your company may need to operate.

One Off Cargo

Insurance to cover single shipments of goods from A to B.

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Freight Transport Liablity

Covering your liability for the goods you are contracted to carry.

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Insurance products to cover your company’s operations.

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Motor Fleets

Multiple commercial vehicles covered under one policy.

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Moving House

Insurance for your personal effects when you relocate.

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