Freight Transport Liablity


As a freight forwarder, you hold a responsibility for the goods that your customers contract you to carry. Depending on the terms and conditions that you operate your business under your liability will be limited by the weight of the goods affected in the event of a claim. In order to cover any loss you should always ensure that you have sufficient Insurance in place. With some associations that provide conditions it is actually a requirement.

What does Freight Liability Insurance Cover?

Freight Liability Insurance is not cover for cargo. Instead, it is intended to protect Freight Forwarders from ‘errors and omissions’ as well as legal liability.

Anyone transporting goods across long distances may benefit from seeking transport liability insurance. This is because, at common law, the forwarder may be held responsible for loss or damage to goods in their custody.

Freight Liability insurance covers forwarders against costs such as:

  • • Liability for any goods lost, damaged or stolen
  • • Legal costs for claims defence
  • • Containers and trailers on hire
  • • Clerical errors and omissions by the forwarder’s company
  • • Financial loss incurred by following loss or damage to goods
  • • Temporary storage costs that may be incurred following an incident

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