Commercial and Personal

As a business, there is some Insurance policies you may be required to have and there is some that just make sense. Making sure you have sufficient cover in place for different eventualities can keep your finances protected in the event that something does go wrong in the work place.

Commercial Combined – Covering a variety of the policies shown below and any warehouse operations that you may be involved in.

Employers Liability (required by law) - Covers your liability for your employees should they be injured or become ill through work

Public Liability - Covers your liability towards a member of the public should they suffer injury or an accident due to the actions of the company or at the companies premises

Office Insurance - Cover for your business premises, computer equipment, stock or documents, public liability and employers' liability

Contents - Cover against theft, damage or loss to your business equipment or property on your premises or away from your premises.

Machinery and plant – Cover for all machinery and plant used at your place of operation for normal business use

Directors and officers - Cover to protect individuals from personal losses if they are sued as a result of serving as a director or an officer of a business or other type of organization.

Cyber Insurance - Cover to protect the company from data breaches and other cyber security issues.

The Insurance Broker Ltd is a specialist Insurance broker with over 21 years of experience over a wide range of Insurance covers. We pride ourselves in the high level of service we provide and we always do our best to ensure that your requirements are met.

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We offer a wide range of Insurance products

At The Insurance Broker we specialise in Freight and Transport related Insurance, but we can also provide a wider range of other products that your company may need to operate.

One Off Cargo

Insurance to cover single shipments of goods from A to B.

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Freight Transport Liablity

Covering your liability for the goods you are contracted to carry.

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Insurance products to cover your company’s operations.

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Motor Fleets

Multiple commercial vehicles covered under one policy.

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Moving House

Insurance for your personal effects when you relocate.

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