What You Need To Know About Insurance As A Courier


Online shopping has increased massively over the last few months. We had already heard about the High Street getting into trouble and shops being closed and boarded up before the pandemic. This was because more people were shopping online for a number of reasons. Not the least of these was that instead of driving to a shopping centre, finding somewhere to park, walking from shop to shop, not finding what you wanted so having to go to another shopping centre, finally finding what you wanted then having to battle through the traffic to get home, you could simply sit indoors with laptop or mobile and go from shop to shop sitting comfortably on your sofa.

Once you have placed your order, many sites – such as Amazon – would have a courier deliver your goods the next day. It’s really not surprising that Arcadia, Debenhams, Edinburgh Woollen Mill, and more, are going bust. And of course, with the pandemic when we are all in lockdown, we can’t go to the shopping centre anyway.

This has meant a huge increase in the number of couriers who are needed to deliver all these parcels, as you will well know if you are a courier yourself.

Of course, as a courier you do need goods delivery insurance because you are responsible for all those items all the while they are in your possession. They do not belong to you, and you are responsible for their safe keeping. If they should get damaged, lost, or stolen while in your possession, the client for whom you are delivering them will come to you looking for compensation because that client will have to replace them to the customer so will look to you to cover the loss.

This is where things can get tricky because while you need goods delivery insurance, the goods that you are asked to deliver can vary considerably from day to day. Just take a look at the huge range of different products on Amazon. One item might be worth a fiver while the next could be worth £2,000.00. So you need to take some time to consider the value of the items that you might be asked to deliver.

At The Insurance Broker, we can help you with this. The insurance cover that you can get can vary considerably too. There can be big differences between different policies concerning the value of individual items and the maximum cover for one item, and also for the overall value of the load that you are transporting.

Furthermore, certain items may attract a higher premium, according to the type of goods that they are. So if you are regularly delivering Patek Philippe watches it is probably a fairly safe bet to say that your premiums are going to be somewhat higher than delivering a watch made in China.

At The Insurance Broker we can help you to find the insurance policy that will cover you for loss, damage, or theft at the lowest possible premium. The most important thing is to ensure that you are fully covered. You don’t want a policy that seems to be very cheap, only to find out that it doesn’t give you all the cover you require when it comes to making a claim.

Don’t forget that you also need courier insurance to cover you for damage that you could potentially cause to other vehicles, people, or property while you are on the road. This can work both ways because it can also cover you for compensation in the event of injury or damage you suffer as a result of your work. For instance, you could be injured and not able to work for several weeks, and this can cover you for loss of income. We can help you at The Insurance Broker.