Things You Need To Consider When Moving House

house removals

The government has made it clear that, despite the lockdown restrictions, you can still move home if you need to, but the actual removal process needs to be done safely and may be different from usual. Many removal companies are remaining open for business because the government and the British Association of Removers have provided guidelines for them to ensure safe working during Covid-19.

If you need to move soon, you should start to plan early. This is because removal companies are actually experiencing a very high demand at present because of the stamp duty holiday which ends in March. You can get a survey done and obtain a quote, then you will be able to choose the removal company that you want to use and when you have an actual removal date, the removal company will have a space for you.

You can also have a video survey if you don’t want a removal company representative in your home. You can book an appointment with some removal companies at a time that is convenient to you and then join in the video call. You can use your phone or tablet, pointing the camera in front of you, and the consultant will guide you as to what he or she wants to see. Answer the consultant’s questions about your move. The consultant will take a full inventory, taking note of any particular requirements, and then the company can prepare a quote for you.

When you get a quote always make sure that it is in writing and contains all the terms and conditions. It needs to be in writing because you are handing all your possessions over to someone else, albeit for only a short time. It is a good idea  to choose a remover who is a member of the British Association of Removers (BAR) because they provide standard terms and conditions which are approved by the Trading Standards Institute and are designed for the protection of customers.

Then you need to book a provisional date for your removal if you haven’t yet got a fixed date. That means that the removal van and personnel will be available when you are ready to go. The company should be able to work with you if you need to change the date.

You need to plan where everything is going to go in your new house. If you are going to pack yourself, it is a good idea to label boxes with the room that they should go into. If the removal company is doing the packing, you can label things as they do so. You might also want to draw a plan of your new home so that you can show the removal men where large items of furniture should go, as it will help to speed up the process on the day.

Don’t forget about house moving insurance. Most professional removal companies will take very great care with your belongings, but accidents can happen. The removal company will have insurance, and many advertise that they are “fully insured”. They may well be, but not sufficiently to cover everything. A removal company cannot know the value of every customer’s goods, and so they will pay a premium which limits the amount for damage or loss on an individual item. This may only be £40 or £50.

Don’t assume that your contents insurance covers you for removals. Some policies do, and some don’t. Even those that do may have certain limitations. For instance, you may not be covered if you pack yourself. Again, there could be limits on the value of individual items.

We can help you with house moving insurance at The Insurance Broker. It is not costly, so it is well worthwhile making certain that you are covered for everything for complete peace of mind.