Things You Need To Consider When Choosing An Estate Agent

Things You Need To Consider When Choosing An Estate Agent

We live in strange times and the property market is somewhat in the doldrums. However, if you want to move home and sell your house shortly you will very likely want to appoint an estate agent, unless you are going down the DIY route which is not really recommended.

Now here’s the thing: most people who appoint an estate agent do so because they happen to have an office in the local high street, or just round the corner, and they do not give it any more thought than that. Fair enough, people who are selling a home for the first time could be forgiven for thinking that there is not much difference between estate agents, or “hey, they’re a national firm so they must be good”.

However, it is well worth considering that estate agents can and do vary, sometimes quite considerably, and choosing the right agent can make all the difference between a quick sale at a good price and having your home sit there on the listings for months on end.

Probably the first thing to ask an estate agent is what properties they have on their books or have sold recently that are in your area and are similar to your own. If they often sell properties that are similar to yours, it is likely that they will have a reputation for selling these types of property in the area and therefore be the first place someone house-hunting for that sort of home will look. They should also have a list of people looking for a similar home to yours to whom they can send details immediately.

If an agent regularly sells homes such as yours, you should ask them how long they take to sell, on average, and at what sort of price. If they take a year to sell them, maybe you should look for another agent. Also, you need to ask if the asking price had to be reduced and if so by how much. If the sale price was dropped by a lot from the asking price that may mean that the agent produced an inflated valuation.

While on the subject of price, you will also obviously want to get the best price that you can. However, it is always possible that an estate agent will suggest a price that is over the top just in order to get your business and list your home for sale, even though he/she knows that actually getting that price is very unlikely and you are going to have to accept a sale price that is much lower. Not only that, but it will also mean that your home will take a long time to sell.

Another very important consideration is that of asking the agent if there is anything that he would recommend that you do to the property before it is listed. For example, you may just adore your dark blue bedroom walls, but it may well pay to spend a few pounds and spend a weekend painting them in the ever-present magnolia which so many people love. It’s not actually white but is the closest thing you can get to it without it seeming like a hospital, and it is very popular.

Of course, once you sell your home and have found your new one, moving day cannot come quickly enough. However, there are a lot of things to do, and one is something that many people don’t even consider, and that is house moving insurance.

With most people this is not intentional but is something that just doesn’t seem to figure on their radar. However, moving insurance is critical, and yet doesn’t cost a lot. If they think about it at all, many people believe that the removals company will have insurance, and indeed they will. However, it may fall well short of what you need. Other people believe that their contents insurance covers house moving insurance, but in many cases it does not.

This is why you need to talk to us at The Insurance Broker and let us make certain that you are covered for everything you need. It doesn’t happen often, but suppose your removal van is in a motorway accident and your prized original work of art is destroyed? That is the sort of thing that you need to have covered, and at The Insurance Broker we can advise you. What’s more, the premiums are no more than the cost of a dinner for two at a local restaurant, and possibly even less.