Things To Consider When Shipping Goods Abroad

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When you are shipping goods overseas the likelihood of loss or damage is actually minimal. 99.9% of goods arrive at their destination safely. However, Murphy’s Law states that whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and it could just be your goods that don’t make it to wherever you are going. For this reason, overseas removal insurance is essential – especially if you are moving to another country and shipping personal items. It is bad enough if you are shipping goods commercially, but when they are your own possessions you cannot afford to take any risks.

The first thing to consider when shipping personal items abroad is whether you actually need to take them at all. The less weight you ship, the less the shipping is going to cost, so if there are things that you can do without, you may want to sell them, give them to friends, or put them on the rubbish tip.

Next, you need to value your items. This should be relatively easy to do online. However, make sure you don’t undervalue anything because your marine cargo insurance will only pay out a maximum of what you insured them for and there may be a penalty (Average) applied for underinsurance. You need to describe the items in some detail and take lots of photos to back up the descriptions.

Then you need to decide on the type of insurance that you need. All Risk insurance covers all the risks associated with shipping your goods,. Named Perils costs less because it only covers specified event that you select for cover. For example you could chose to cover loss caused by the ship sinking but exclude theft cover.

If you are moving abroad, you only need Single Coverage which covers the one trip. Warehouse to Warehouse covers you from the moment the items leave your hands to the point where they are delivered. General Average Coverage is usually included: if someone else’s possessions are lost, all the other people shipping goods have to chip in to cover the loss. General Average covers you for that.