There Are Many Things To Do When Moving Overseas

overseas removal insurance

Moving overseas can be exciting, but it can also be a scary time in your life. Maybe you are relocating for business reasons. Maybe you have relatives abroad and want to be close to them. Maybe you are just fed up with the English winters and want to live in the sun. Whatever your reasons, there are an awful lot of things to do. That is true even if you are only moving a few miles down the road but moving abroad is even more complicated.

Just to begin with, you have to move all your belongings, and this means that you will need an international removals company to pack and ship everything. And when we say ship, we mean ship. Of course, you can also have your goods sent by air: it is certainly a lot quicker. However, it is also a lot more expensive. According to the World Bank, air freight is between 12 and 16 times more expensive than sea freight. Furthermore, a lot of aircraft are out of commission at the moment, so you may find that there can be considerable delays.

You also need to give yourself plenty of time to do all the things that you need to do. Almost everything that you are going to have to do will benefit if you get it sorted out sooner rather than later. Ideally, you want to start sorting out removal of your belongings at least three to four months before the removal date, and preferably give yourself six months.

Now here is another very important point when it comes to moving goods overseas. Move as little as possible. The less that you take with you, the less it is going to cost. Just about everybody has “stuff” that they have collected over the years and don’t use very often, if at all. Get rid of it.

Take it to a boot fair. Give it to a charity shop. Give it to friends, Or even take it to the tip. You really have to be firm with yourself and ensure that you only take the absolute minimum.

When it come to packing, you can, of course, pack everything yourself. However, you will be far better off letting a shipping and removals company do the packing for you because that way your belongings will be packed properly so that they arrive at the other end in the same condition that they left, barring accidents of course.

On the subject of accidents, you will need to take out overseas removal insurance, and at The Insurance Broker, we can arrange that for you. One of our main specialities is marine cargo insurance, and we can find you the cover you need at the best rate. There are different types of overseas removal insurance, one of which is All Risk cover which covers most things except rare incidents such as war or earthquakes.

Named Perils is cheaper and as you might guess covers only things that you name specifically. Even cheaper is Total Loss, but that only pays out when the ship and cargo is lost. You may also want to consider General Average insurance. If someone else’s possessions on the ship are lost, everyone who is shipping goods has to club together to pay for them, and General Average will cover your part of the cost. Strange, but that is how shipping insurance works.

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