There Are Lots Of Things To Do If You Are Moving Abroad

Freight Liability Insurance

If you are going to move abroad, there are a lot of things that you have to do. It is not like moving from one town to another or just across the county, where, if you do happen to forget something you can either hop in the car and go and pick it up, or if you forgot to cancel the papers you can just make a quick phone call.

No, this is serious “pack your bags and move on” type of stuff, so you need to plan the move carefully and give yourself plenty of time to do everything. Obviously, you will need to make lists, and equally obviously you will remember that you forgot to put something on one or two of them, but you can easily make alterations and additions as you go.

One of the most difficult things for many people is getting rid of things that they really don’t need to take with them. There are things that you may have had for years and wouldn’t dream of dumping, but when you are moving abroad it is a different matter. You have to pay to move everything, so it is best to cut it down to the minimum and only take things that you cannot live without. The rest of it you can sell on websites like gumtree, hold a garage sale, give to friends, give to a charity shop, or donate to the tip.

The cheapest way to move your belongings to an overseas destination is by container ship. According to the World Bank, it is between 12 – 16 times cheaper than air freight. Even if you need to move in a hurry, you can pay to have your goods stored here in the UK for a few weeks, and then have them sent on by ship in due course.

Ideally, when you want to ship goods overseas, you should contact shipping companies for quotes at least three to four months before you want to move.

While you may be shipping your belongings by sea, in most cases you will be flying to your destination, and this is where another piece of advice about flight costs is useful. Ideally, for long haul flights you need to book your tickets 18 weeks in advance. Even for short haul flights, you should buy them 7 weeks before you leave. This will give you the cheapest options. Another strange tip is that apparently the best day to buy tickets is on a Sunday, while the worst is Wednesday. Don’t ask!


Of course, whichever way you are shipping your belongings, you will need to insure them against loss or damage. Many people believe that the freight forwarder or carrier is responsible for insurance, but that is not the case. You need marine cargo insurance to cover any loss or damage, and at The Insurance Broker you can buy marine insurance online.

Now the World Shipping Council conducted a survey in 2017 and found that of 356,000 containers shipped across the world from 2014 – 2016, just 3.8 containers per day were lost. So, the vast majority arrived unscathed.

However, Murphy’s Law states that what can go wrong will go wrong, and that means that you do need to buy cargo insurance just in case the container that holds your goods is one of the 3.8 per day. As we said, you can buy marine insurance online from us at The Insurance Broker.

You need to value your items, of course, but it should be relatively easy to find the replacement costs online as well. Don’t undervalue them though, because you need to be fully covered in order to have peace of mind.