Cargo Insurance Claims Can Get Very Complicated

When you are shipping goods from one place to another, one of the most complicated things to understand is that of cargo insurance claims.

One of the first things that needs explanation is that a claim has nothing to do with whether or not the carrier was negligent but is dependent on the fact that the […]

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What Insurance Do You Need When Running A Business?

The minute that you open a business of any description, you expose yourself to certain risks – and that is even before you hire an employee. For example, you could be making a product of some description and you make a mistake so that one of the products is faulty and as a result one […]

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Office Insurance is critical for any Business

When you start any sort of business as an entrepreneur, even if you are a one-man business to begin with, as many are, one of the essentials is office insurance / business insurance. Even if you begin your business from the kitchen table, you will no doubt have a laptop, you may have a copier, […]

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