Things you should know before buying Overseas Removal Insurance

Embarking on a move abroad is an exciting event. Whether you’ve landed your dream job and are heading over for a solo adventure, or packing up your home and taking your whole family, there’s no doubt that moving abroad is an amazing experience.

Having said this, the logistics of such a decision can be extremely complex. […]

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What Is covered Under Freight Liability Insurance?

Freight liability insurance is a popular form of cover for many freight forwarders, carriers and warehouse keepers. Essentially, it provides legal liability protection for the loss and damage of goods when transported in freight by air, sea, road or rail.

The specific coverage you’ll get will depend on various local and international laws as well as […]

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The many benefits of using the Insurance Broker for Cargo Insurance

Many people wonder why they should use the services of an insurance broker in this digital age, since it is a simple matter to log on to one of the assorted meerkats that are ever-present on the television and get a comparison of several different products. These services don’t cost anything and claim to save […]

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You need specific Insurance Cover when Transporting Goods for Others

When you are a business that is transporting goods that belong to another company or individual, you are legally responsible for taking care of those goods to the best of your ability.

Now the fact is that the vast majority of goods that are shipped, whether by road, sea, air, or rail, do arrive safely at […]

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Yes, You Can Still Move Home Despite Lockdown

If you have been worrying about moving home during lockdown, or wondering if you are even allowed to do it, the fact is that your plans may have been halted temporarily, whether you were already going to move or were looking for a new home in the not too distant future.

Well the better news is […]

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Insurance For Couriers Can Be Complicated

The courier industry is expanding rapidly as more and more shopping is done online. Furthermore, it seems that it will grow even faster now that everyone is in lockdown: people are buying online for the simple reason that they can’t get out to the shops, because the shops are not open. Having found how easy […]

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