Some Useful Tips For Moving Abroad

Some Useful Tips For Moving Abroad

Moving abroad can be one of the most exciting times of your life. At the same time, it can be one of the most scary. Scary, because you are leaving behind the way that you have lived all your life, leaving friends, leaving family, and going to a place where you probably know hardly anyone and they have a different culture and different way of life. You may also have to learn a foreign language. But even if you don’t, things are going to be very different.

There are lots of things to take into consideration before you move overseas. One of them is just that: moving over seas. As opposed to flying. Did you know that taking your belongings by air can cost up to 18 times as much as going by sea? OK, it takes longer. A container ship moving from, say, the US to China will take 20 – 30 days whereas a freight plane will do it in three. There is also the question of your carbon footprint. Taking two tons of cargo by sea will produce about 300lbs of CO2. But going by air it will produce 6.5 tons of CO2, so sea freight is far more environmentally friendly than air freight.

Then there is the question of what to take and what to leave behind. In short, the less you take with you, the less it is going to cost to move your belongings. You really need to get a grip and leave behind anything that is not essential. If you have things you have not used for two years, you are not going to use them again. After all, what you save on transport will go towards buying new at your destination – if you really need to buy new! You can always hold a garage sale, give items that you don’t need to family and friends, give them to a charity shop, or even do what you should have done ages ago and take them to the tip!

Give yourself plenty of time when moving abroad. Once you know your destination, you need to plan ahead. You need to get quotes from different shipping companies and make sure you compare like with like because different companies include or leave out different things. Do you need packing and unpacking? Door to door delivery? Once you know when you are leaving, you can plan ahead – at least three months ahead – for shipping. If you leave things too late you will be left with a choice between using air freight at a crazy price or arriving at your destination weeks before your belongings do.

Then there is the question of insurance. You need to decide what type of insurance you need. Whatever sort you do need, once again you will save money if you only take essentials. At The Insurance Broker our speciality is in marine cargo insurance so we can advise you. Probably the cheapest insurance is Total Loss, but as the name implies only pays out if your cargo is lost. Named Perils only covers items that you specify and not the rest. You will only need single coverage, that is insurance for a single journey, rather than open coverage which covers unlimited journeys over a given period. All-Risk covers most things, but even then there are limitations such as inadequacy of packing is not covered.

If you are flying to your destination, even though your goods are going by sea, you need to buy your tickets at the right time. It is usually cheapest to book your tickets on a Sunday, while Wednesday is the most expensive. Don’t ask! Furthermore, for short-haul flights you should book seven weeks in advance, while for long-haul you are looking at 18 weeks. If you join they will send you emails when there are discounts and cheap fares available.

Another tip is about containers. You have the choice of full container load or part container load. Part container load is cheaper until you get to about 15 cubic metres of space required. After that, it is cheaper to get a full container, even if you don’t actually fill it! There are some very quirky things about moving overseas!

Good luck with your move.