Some of the Reasons That You May Need Shipping Insurance



Whenever you move goods or personal belongings about, whether, by road, air, or sea, it is always possible for things to go wrong. You might only be taking them to the next town, and get a local carrier to pick them up and transport them, but what happens if his van is involved in an accident and catches fire?

You could be sending goods by ship or by air, but accidents can still happen. Many people are under the impression that if goods are lost or damaged it is the transport company that has to pay. That is true only to the extent of an amount specified in their terms and conditions, and that could work out at just a few pounds per kilogram of the goods.

Furthermore, it is quite possible for a container to be lost at sea, or even deliberately jettisoned if the decision is taken that it is necessary in order to save the ship and crew. It gets worse, too. Your container may not be the one that gets dumped overboard, and your goods arrive at your destination in one piece. You can breathe a sigh of relief.

Or can you? There is a rule called General Average which requires customers whose goods arrive safely to pay for another customer’s cargo which was jettisoned in order to protect the vessel. That means that you and the other customers whose goods arrived safely have to join together and pay for those which were lost. That could easily run into thousands of pounds.

These are some of the reasons that it would be madness to ship goods without taking out cargo insurance. At The Insurance Broker, we are specialists in the business of finding the right cargo insurance for our clients, whether you are a corporate client or private individual. We have been providing cargo insurance for over 20 years, and we have built up some great relationships with the best insurance companies.

So if you are about to move goods around, whether it is a one-off movement overseas or regular shipments, talk to us about your needs.