Our new Cyber Insurance product!


Here is a quick guide to our new Cyber Insurance product, the basic cover and an indication of the kind of premium you can expect.

Basic cover provided;

Section A – Investigation

  • The reasonable and necessary costs incurred by us or by you with our written consent, for external IT security experts to confirm the existence or absence of a suspected security breach, to determine the cause of the security breach and to determine the extent of a security breach where it is suspected that the security breach has resulted in the corruption, erasure, encryption, damage or destruction of your data assets.

Section B – Restoration

  • The reasonable fees, costs, and expenses incurred by you for the recovery, restoration, input, configuration and/or replacement of your data assets that have been corrupted, erased, encrypted, damaged or destroyed.

Section C – Extortion

  • Reimbursement for your payment or transfer of money, securities or property to satisfy a demand for a payment or transfer in return for terminating an extortion threat; and the fees, costs and expenses of an external expert appointed by us where required to advise upon, investigate and respond to the extortion threat or to mitigate the amount of any money, securities or property demanded to terminate the extortion threat.


Indemnity limit available: £25,000 or £50,000 in the aggregate

  • Retention: £1,000 each and every security breach (policy excess)


For businesses up to £2m turnover

  • £25,000 limit: £65 plus IPT plus professional fee
  • £50,000 limit: £95 plus IPT plus professional fee

For businesses between £2m and £5m turnover

  • £25,000 limit: £77 plus IPT plus professional fee
  • £50,000 limit: £120 plus IPT plus professional fee

IPT – Insurance Premium Tax charged at 12% of the premium

Professional Fee – £50

Contact us for more information and we can get you on the right track to protecting your company against Cyber risks!