Why Would I Need An Insurance Broker?

When it comes to finding an insurance policy in the 21st century, it is all too easy to just boot up the laptop, go online, and find a meerkat. After all, those companies that spend a small fortune on constant TV advertising are pretty good, and they give you the policy that you need at […]

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What You Need To Understand About Insurance When Shipping Goods Abroad

If you are a buyer or seller of goods that are being shipped internationally, whether by air or by sea, it is critical to understand all of the various points concerning insurance of the goods, and who is responsible for what and when.

There is a big difference between freight insurance and cargo insurance. In a […]

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When Moving Abroad, There Are Different Types Of Insurance Available

Many people who are going to send goods overseas, whether because they are moving home to another country, or simply need to send a few packages abroad for one reason or another, are under the erroneous belief that the freight forwarder who is shipping the goods for them is covered by insurance, so that they […]

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Why You Need An Insurance Broker

insurance, home insurance, or indeed any other form of insurance, are tempted to simply go online and find the first meerkat that pops its’ head up. After all, if you watch the television, it is almost impossible to avoid seeing these websites being advertised non-stop. (That is, unless you use a little trick that we […]

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What’s The Difference Between Courier Insurance And Goods In Transit Insurance?

Getting yourself properly insured is one of the first really important hurdles when starting a career as a courier or setting up your own courier services. The courier industry continues to grow, providing business opportunities for both individuals and businesses in this thriving sector. However, the need to determine and take out the right level […]

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What are the Responsibilities of a Courier?

There have never been more couriers on UK roads. The amount of new companies launching online services and the widespread popularity of home deliveries since the pandemic started has been increasingly growing. For some, this has opened up opportunities in a new career as a courier or haulage driver.

However, despite the relative openness of this […]

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What’s The Difference Between Courier Insurance and Goods in Transit Insurance?

You won’t be surprised to hear that the courier industry continues to grow every month, providing more businesses with a way to connect with and serve their customers through online sales channels and at-home deliveries.

This also offers several opportunities for both individuals and businesses in this thriving sector, where sustained demand and decent profit returns […]

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