Things you need to know about Insuring Goods in Transit

When shipping goods from one place to another, there is always an element of danger. The goods may get damaged on the way, or there may be some sort of disaster and they don’t arrive at all. This is why insurance is essential, both for the shipper and the carrier.

When making a claim for damaged […]

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International Shipping Insurance can be very Complicated

At The Insurance Broker Ltd., we have been in business since 2001 providing, amongst other things, international shipping insurance in the UK for businesses that need to send goods overseas and also for people who are moving home to another country.

Shipping insurance can be very complex because there are different ways of insuring goods, and, […]

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At The Insurance Broker, We’ll see you Get the right Insurance for Moving Abroad

When you are moving abroad, even if “abroad” is only to France or Ireland, there are lots of things to take into account. This isn’t like having all your goods packed into a lorry and moved from Manchester to Sheffield. Certainly, all your goods do need to be packed, and the first part of the […]

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Office Insurance is critical for any Business

When you start any sort of business as an entrepreneur, even if you are a one-man business to begin with, as many are, one of the essentials is office insurance / business insurance. Even if you begin your business from the kitchen table, you will no doubt have a laptop, you may have a copier, […]

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Tips for Insuring Your Domestic or International House Removals

While moving is a really challenging thing to experience, domestic and international house removals are different beasts entirely. Though they will include a number of the same activities, there will be a number of additional considerations you will need to make if you are crossing borders and intend to bring many of your worldly possessions […]

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Do I Need Transit Insurance Coverage?

Transit insurance coverage covers inventory or other merchandise shipped by the seller, which has not yet been received and accepted by the purchaser. In its most basic sense, it is intended to protect both parties during the exchange of goods and is becoming increasingly important for effective ecommerce business models where items are sold in […]

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How to Protect My Personal Effects When Moving

When preparing for a move, you’ll probably consider transferring your homeowners or renters insurance to your new address. But what about getting moving insurance for when your precious items are being taken from point A to point B?

Arguably it is at this time that your items are most vulnerable and could suffer damage of some […]

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Understanding the International Moving Insurance Market

Are you moving this year? When looking for the right moving company to help you with this task, there are a few things that can help you make a good decision. One of these is to properly understand the international moving insurance market and what kind of cover your moving company can offer you.

If you […]

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Helpful advice for taking out Business Shipping Insurance

If your business buys or sells goods internationally, you may need business shipping insurance. This will cover your company from loss or damage to property during transit to or from the UK and a foreign nation.

Many businesses take out this type of insurance to safeguard their operations from both loss of property and reputational damage. […]

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Reasons why International Shipping Insurance is essential for your business

There are a number of reliable shipping services that handle transportation of goods between different locations globally. Some of these include DHL, FedEx and UPS. While packages and shipments sent with these carriers are typically handled with diligence, there is always the risk of your goods being damaged or lost.

This could be a result of […]

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