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The Importance of Cyber Insurance

When people think Cyber Insurance they think cover against hackers and computer virus’ but the truth is it covers much more than that and could benefit you more than you know. With more and more companies getting rid of paper files and opting to keep all data on computer systems the need for Cyber Insurance […]

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What is Marine Cargo Insurance?

There are currently over 20 million shipping containers travelling around the world filled with a variety if items, it could be somebodies own personal effects or it could be the products of a large multinational company being shipped off from the manufacturers. During the journey to the final destination there is a large potential that something may […]

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Why do we need insurance?

Insurance helps to give you that financial piece of mind, the risk of losing large sums of money is transferred from yourself to Insurers for a small sum of money. By transferring that risk your finances become much safer and your money can be spent on things you enjoy rather than repairs or replacement of damaged […]

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