9 Tips to Keep Your Office Secure and Protected

Office Insurance

Protection is the number one concern for business owners. From single floors in shared units to whole properties, these premises need to be made as secure as possible to ensure the protection of your assets and the livelihoods of your staff.

While smaller businesses are more vulnerable to theft, even larger organisations can be damaged significantly by things like theft, fires, and other events.

As well as containing various valuable items – from computers to cash – the loss of important documents or damage to certain systems can be devastating. Client information, financial records and other important administration filings, when lost, can set a company back massively.

If theft or damage leads to temporary closure or the delay of your projects, you’re also looking at reputational damage if you’re not able to deliver to clients, vendors, or customers as you had promised.

Protecting your businesses is all about finding ways to mitigate the potential dangers your business faces so that you can keep running smoothly. From CCTV to office insurance, below are some tips to follow to help make sure your business is secure.

Install CCTV

CCTV helps to deter people from breaking in in the first place, but it also helps to catch those who did. Just make sure you are using a reliable system and place your cameras in advantageous positions with good lighting.

Keep Important Documents Locked Away

Losing confidential documents can be disastrous for your business so keep any sensitive information locked in drawers or cabinets. Also, if you’re not already on the cloud backup virtual copies to an off-site hard drive.

Use a Monitored Alarm System

An alarm can transmit emergency signals via a mobile phone connection, landline or internet connection to a monitoring station, which will then notify the police of a break-in. This ensures that even if a burglar gets into your office, both you and the police will be alerted in the shortest possible time.

Ensure Locks are Robust and Updated

It’s important that you have locks that conform with British Standards and that these are rigorously tested to ensure they offer adequate protection. Also, make sure that all fobs, keycards or keys are accounted for and that all old employees hand in their sets before they leave.

Use Smart Lighting

Lighting helps to put potential burglars off. It can make burglars feel observed, and therefore vulnerable, as well as allows occupiers to see anyone who is approaching the building and highlighting people’s faces on CCTV.

Use a Laptop Lock Cabinet

A laptop lock cabinet is a metal unit with cables that attach to your work laptops. They are relatively low cost, and easy to fit in almost any office environment.

Don’t Keep Cash on Premises or Store it Carefully

Always keep cash in a safe if you have to, or simply don’t keep it in the office. Small amounts of petty cash should be kept in a safe and secure location which is hard to find for anyone who manages to break into your office.

Get to Know Your Neighbours

Getting to know the businesses around you can help you increase awareness about safety issues and combine your security potential. Watch out for them and they’ll watch out for you.

Get Office Insurance

Our final tip is to make sure you always have up-to-date and comprehensive office insurance. There are simply some events that you can’t prevent and having a policy in place to cover you for any losses you might face in the event of fires, break-ins or other incidents will prevent your business from being set back too far.