Covering the passage of goods from one place to another for hire and reward.

The Insurance Broker is ideal to help to ensure that road hauliers, freight forwarders and warehouse keepers get the right level of freight insurance cover.

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You may not be aware that standard insurance provided by a freight forwarder or carrier may not fully cover the value of your goods.

Protect merchandise in transit in the UK with freight forwarders Insurance. Having separate Freight Forwarders Insurance is highly advised if a business or individual requires full value cover of their goods whilst being transported.

Shipping carries a degree of risk and by purchasing Freight Forwarders Insurance you can be confident that you have full cover value on your goods in transit. Shipments can become damaged or lost, leaving you with unexpected costs to repair or replace your goods. Did you know that you are liable, not the carrier, to insure the products being shipped?

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The liabilities assumed by you or imposed on you for loss or damage to goods can be significant and financially penal.

Contractual Agreement

Trade Contract Conditions vary considerably and cover all aspects of the contract, not just liability for the goods being carried.

Trade bodies have standard conditions for the use of members, i.e. BIFA, RHA and FTA. Other carriers have designed their own conditions.

Liability Under Statute

CMR (The Carriage of Goods by Road Act 1965) brought into British law the provisions of the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road, to standardise the liability of carriers undertaking international movement of goods throughout participating countries.

The Warsaw Convention liability can also be imposed on carriers in certain circumstances by Airlines for road carriage portions of an airfreight consignment.

You can protect yourself against these liabilities with a Freight Forwarders Insurance tailored to your own specific requirements. Freight Forwarders Insurance is usually inexpensive and is often a mandatory requirement of trade associations such as BIFA and a number of your potential Customers.

Peace of mind without breaking the bank.

Choose The Insurance Broker, specialists in freight forwarders insurance, for your freight insurance needs.

The Insurance Broker provide the professional advice as unlike other brokers, we specialise in the field of freight forwarders insurance policies. We’ve spent years building a network of great contacts amongst some of the UK’s leading insurers, ensuring that we’ll always find you the best possible deal. Being Freight

Forwarders Insurance Brokers means we can provide road hauliers, freight forwarders and warehouse keepers with competitive quotations for road and rail. We access and compare the entire insurance market, instead of a handful of preferred companies, so we’ll find you complete cover at a great price that won’t leave you reeling.

You can purchase freight forwarders insurance online through The Insurance Broker. Policies are binding at the point of purchase. Please contact us today to arrange payment terms on 01772 780 380.

Who Needs Freight Forwarders Insurance?

All freight forwarders should have insurance cover. It’s important that you choose a specialist insurance broker with experience of the relevant insurance policies for freight forwarders. Liability insurance does not insure the goods themselves – this is usually the responsibility of the buyer or seller.

Many people assume that the carrier will compensate you for the full value of your goods or belongings should they get damaged. This is an everyday misconception. Shipping companies are only liable to pay you a sum up to the amount specified in their trading conditions which may not even come close to covering the value of the goods!

Unless you’re happy to risk paying thousands of pounds for the damage or loss of your own, or someone else’s, shipments, with the probability of only a few pounds per kilo in compensation, we strongly suggest freight forwarder liability insurance.

Protect your business’ products or your personal belongings now. Call us on 01772 780 380 for a no-obligation quote for freight forwarders insurance.

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